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Filthy Pirate Coffee
2040 W Orange Grove Rd 116
TucsonAZ 85704

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Filthy Pirate Coffee |2040 W Orange Grove Rd 116TucsonAZ85704 | (520) 600-8246

The Filthy Pirate Legend

How did Filthy Pirate Coffee get its name? Like many tales of the high seas, ours is a story of mystery and lore. Our quest is to forge a new path in the mainstream coffee industry, disrupting the status quo and sharing the treasure of premium, locally roasted coffee without the extra fluff — or the extra cost.

A shipmate once told our captain, “You’re Blackbeard and we are your random Filthy Pirate Crew. And here we are, ready to follow you. And they will too.” So, with our fearless Captain Blackbeard at the helm, Filthy Pirate Coffee is here to lead our crew (and captives) to the best coffee in Tucson.

No Cream or Sugar Needed

Most coffee roasters filter their coffee once or twice during the roasting process. But for us, “standard” isn’t good enough! We filter our air-roasted coffee seven times to reduce bitterness, lower the acidity, and bring out the true flavor of every cup. Whether you prefer a hearty Italian roast or an easy light roast, we will match you with the perfect custom brew for your taste.

Unlike other pirate crews, we don’t want to keep the loot all to ourselves! Filthy Pirate Coffee ships all over the U.S. and offers free delivery to our local Tucson neighborhoods. Whether you’re right next door or oceans away, you can enjoy a taste of the open seas. Visit our online store to peruse our wares!

Climb on board!

Filthy Pirate Coffee is ready to help you find your new favorite blend of air-roasted coffee or organic specialty tea! Visit our store to talk with our crewmates and experience the legend firsthand. Before you disembark, try a free sample of one of our many blends brewed fresh daily. No time to shop in person? No problem! Check out our online storefront for our most popular coffee and tea selections. Shop online or stop by our store today!

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